Voting Rights: Restoring the People’s Voice in Democracy

Voting is the purest, most fundamental act of citizenship. We must strengthen our democracy by guaranteeing that every American’s vote is protected, and we must eliminate unnecessary and unjustified rules that make voting more difficult.

The federal government has a responsibility to prevent voter suppression and expand voting rights to give us all a voice in our democracy. If elected, I will work to end all types of voter suppression, expand voting access, and create a democracy where the rights of citizens no longer depend on the color of their skin, the community they live in, or for whom they want to vote.

Our government also has a core responsibility to ensure that our elections are fully secure and free from foreign or any other fraudulent influences, especially in light of the evidence shared with the American people by this nation’s intelligence experts over the last several years. We must do more to protect the core underlying systems that make our democracy work.

Some of my priorities include:

  • Make Election Day a national holiday.

  • Introduce automatic voter registration, allow online and same-day registration.

  • Allow early voting and vote-by-mail.

  • Neutralize the effects of restrictive voter ID bills.

  • Provide states funding to improve the security of our election infrastructure, including cybersecurity safeguards for hardware and software used in elections - and require back-up paper ballots for when this security fails.